LED lighting brightens up the Crumlin Road Gaol for a Game of Thrones Wrap Party.

LED LIghting - Crumlin Gaol - Corporate AV Hire

LED Uplighters in Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast.

We used 40 of our LED uplighters and 12 of our LED Battens around the Gaol to create a warm and unique feel to the event. Using LED uplighters meant we could place a lot more lighting fixtures around the various areas. This was due to the power supply in the Gaol being restricted and access to additional power would of added additional cost. This also meant the fixtures ran at a cooler temperature, unlike older traditional Parcan uplighters which could pose a burn hazard due to the hot lamps used.
Another advantage of LED lighting is the choice of colours available on the spot. You don’t need to pre-order colour gel packs for each event, you can customize LED fixtures to nearly any colour needed. So as well as being environmentally friendly fixtures they are versatile lightweight and can create amazingly colourful environments.


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